Autumn 2019

Andrew Tunikov «Birds and fish»

Andrew Tunikov — Saint Petersburg animalist sculptor, art critic, multiple winner of the WORLD WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in the United States, TOKYO INT. ART FAIR, Florence Biennale. Each work by A. Tunikov is an author's view of the creations of nature, subtly noticed, emphasized the character of a bird or fish. The beauty of a fragile and disappearing world, which is designed to leave a mark on the soul and share this feeling with someone else.

Spring 2019

Maria Yarovitsyna «Botanical fantasies»

Maria Yarovitsyna - born in Moscow, in a family artists and restorers. For more than 30 years Maria improves her skills in her painting and graphics, trying to go beyond the boundaries of traditional styles, delicately combining them with modern views, but always with respect to the classics and beauty of the surrounding world.

Autumn 2018

Nikolai Tsvetkov «On the edge of the unknown»

Nikolay Tsvetkov is an honorary member of the Russian Academy of arts. Honored artist of the Russian Federation (2016). Paintings and graphic works of the artist have been repeatedly exhibited in exhibitions in Russia and other countries. His style is "spiritual symbolism", which is characterized by a significant role of the philosophical and spiritual component.

Spring 2018

Sergey Sviridov «Here by the sea»

Sergey Sviridov's paintings are always bright, dense, and rich: both nature and people breathe the fresh energy of summer and warmth. Each of your favorite genres (landscape, portrait, and still life) reveals an inner optimism and interest in life.

Autumn 2017

Olga Ivleva «Light is my manifestation»

The sunniest artist from Saint Petersburg. Since 2017, a member Of the Association "Watercolor class". Her paintings are in Museum and private collections, both in Russia and in other countries of the world.

Spring 2017

Pavel Eskov «Walking in St. Petersburg»

Participant of more than 100 Russian and international exhibitions, including more than twenty personal exhibitions. The artist's works are in various Russian and foreign collections. Pavel Eskov's paintings are published in the albums "Artists of Russia to the world", "Russian art".

Autumn 2016

Mstislav Pavlov «There aren't many women»

Mstislav Pavlov is from Saint Petersburg. Since 2002-member of the Union of artists of Russia. He successfully exhibited his works at national and International exhibitions and various art forums. The artist paints exceptionally expressive portraits of women, whose stunning effect is beauty born out of chaos.

Spring 2016

Daria Kollegova «Melody of light»

Daria Kollegova is one of the brightest representatives of the modern academic school. Her paintings-landscapes, portraits and numerous still lifes strike with spontaneity and paradox.

Autumn 2015

Alexey Yezhov «Contemplating movement»

Alexey Yezhov is one of the most mysterious artists in St. Petersburg. His skill is imbued with a deep mysticism and an extraordinary depth of perception. The artist's works show a creative reinterpretation and continuation in painting of the subjects and ideas of Bosch, Bruegel, Leonardo and other great masters.

Spring 2014

Ekaterina Chekalina «Glasses»

Ekaterina Chekalina is the author of paintings where sophisticated young ladies live in Flirty striped stockings and royally ruffled collars, serenely play chess, ride retro bicycles, drink coffee, play music or just melancholically drown in the endless drapery of their own crinolines.

Autumn 2014

Alexandra Schastlivaja «Painting»

Member of the Union of artists, member of the creative Association "Polyrealism XX century". Participant of exhibitions and expositions in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Boston, new York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. From 2005-2007, she lived and worked in the United States, participated in exhibitions in galleries. His works are in private collections in the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.