At CITY ART Gallery, we work for a culture that helps us realize that we belong to the elite, on the space of their best representatives-patrons, high connoisseurs. We bring aesthetic inspiration and comfort to their homes with real, authentic, expensive art from Russia.

nyc subway

Maria Yarovitsyna

"Botanical fantasies"
February 1-12, 2020

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danny antonucci

Pavel Eskov

"Walking in St. Petersburg"

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watercolor paints

Nikolai Tsvetkov

"On the edge of the unknown"
February 17-26, 2020

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apple ipod classic photo

Olga Ivleva

"The light of my manifestation"
March 17-25, 2016

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web design magazines

Sergey Sviridov

Canvas and oil
November 19-26, 2019

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web design magazines

Armen Gasparyan

"Bronze small plastic"

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