CityArtGallery will host a personal exhibition "Botanical fantasies" by artist Maria Yarovitsina

In recent years, she has focused on her painting and graph. Trying to go beyond the boundaries of traditional styles, delicately combining them with modern views, but always with respect for the classics and beauty of the surrounding world.


Maria Yarovitsyna

Maria Yarovitsyna born in Moscow, in a creative family of artists and restorers. I have been working independently and improving my skills for more than 30 years. Participated in large architectural projects. I am especially proud of the interiors of Buccellati jewelry boutique in Moscow (Renaissance), and Pushkin confectionery (Adam Stile), works in the Chinoiserie style for Maison Dellos, which can be seen in the Turandot restaurant in Moscow. Currently she focuses on her painting and drawing.