Personal exhibition of Pavel Eskov urban landscape "Walking in St. Petersburg" was held in "CityArtGallery". The exhibition includes picturesque landscapes of recent years.

Mstislav Pavlov's personal exhibition "there are not many Women" was held at CityArtGallery. The exhibition includes expressive portraits of female images devoid of specificity, perceived as a hint, as a vision or dream, charming and alluring.

Personal exhibition of Lyudmila Roon Painting " White, Red, Black..." it was held in "CityArtGallery". Each work is a story about the inner events of the soul's life. It involves the participation of images and events that exist in the imagination and memory, and are not subject to time.

Armen Gasparyan's personal exhibition Bronze small plastic it was held in "CityArtGallery". The artist's works have a certain integrity, absolute completeness. Gasparyan is also distinguished by an architectural view of the surrounding world, that is, he tries not only to understand the world, but also to systematize it in his imagination.

Exhibition of contemporary artist Niki Grieg " what does a woman think?» opened today in "CityArtGallery". All works are dedicated to a woman, her emotions and experiences.